Why The Lyon Group?

Clients have partnered with The Lyon Group as their trusted financial guide for over 70 years

What Sets Us Apart

Holistic View

A Real Financial Plan

Most of our clients have compiled plenty of financial “stuff” when we first meet. But they rarely have a real financial plan. Our approach integrates all of your key areas of planning (retirement, investments, insurance, taxes, estate, education, etc.) and leaves you with confidence that your plan is pointing you in the direction of your goals.

Trusted Guides

At The Lyon Group we partner with clients with whom we can build a long-term relationship and serve as their financial guide all along life’s journey… from first child, to career changes, to making that final student loan payment, to retirement and beyond. And for some client families, we’ve done that over several generations. It’s quite an honor.

We practice fee-based financial planning that ensures our clients best interest is always at the forefront of our recommendations. We have a fiduciary duty to put your best interests ahead of all else. But it’s much more than a legal duty. Putting our clients first is part of our moral fiber.

A Proven Process

The Navigator Story

It happened nearly 70 years ago in the South Pacific during the Second World War. A young ensign was fresh out of Midshipman’s School where he had been studying a specific type of mathematics – Spherical Trigonometry. Naval officers needed to know this type of math so they could figure out their position on the globe before Global Positioning Satellites were invented.

So one night while not on duty, the young ensign was practicing his skills from the deck of the ship. He used an instrument called a marine sextant to determine the angle of the stars relative to sea level. The readings were then used to plot the position of the ship. What he found was that his coordinates did not match those that were officially posted. In other words, the ship was off course – significantly.

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Aligning financial resources with what matters most.


- True wealth is more than just money.
- What matters most to you is what matters
- Getting and staying on course is easier with a guide.