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Clients We Serve

We invest in mutually beneficial, long-term relationships so that we can best serve our clients over the long haul

Our clients are interested in casting a vision for their future. With our help, they develop a clear picture of what success looks like and are prepared to take action to achieve it. They value guidance along the way. Clients who find the most value and enjoyment in working with us include Physicians, Senior Level Executives and Professionals as well as active and retired business owners.

And folks often become our clients as they seek advice during a time of transition… preparing for retirement, dealing with the death of a loved one and an inheritance, moving from residency or fellowship into physician practice, the sale of a business or other career change.

Our clients are amazing people. They are smart. They are successful. And they honor us by allowing us to work with them as partners in their continued success.

Executives & Professionals

  • Busy people with careers
  • Benefits coordination, executive compensation, stock options and restricted stock strategies

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  • Employed Physicians
  • Independent Contractors
  • Residents & Fellows

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Life & Career Transitions

  • Retirement
  • New Job New Baby
  • Inheritance

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While every client and situation is unique, they tend to share many of the following characteristics:

  • Commitment to family and other relationships
  • Multi-generational thinking
  • High degree of integrity
  • Respect for long-term relationships
  • Sincerity and candidness
  • Appreciation for and stewardship of their community
  • Well-respected by peers

Interestingly, they almost always have done some planning, and sometimes very good planning, prior to meeting us. Somehow though, they have found it difficult to get everything done and to keep it up-to-date. They desire to have things coordinated and aligned with their most important objectives and values.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I really need a financial advisor?

Our clients are smart, resourceful people. But their expertise is in areas besides personal financial planning. Their lives are growing more complex. By investing their time and energy in their career, hobbies and families, they have far greater impact. While information is easy to find, guidance and discernment of an expert is priceless. If that sounds like you, chances are we can help.

How much does an engagement cost?

Through our affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, we are proud to provide comprehensive financial planning. The fee for a financial plan is based on several factors which are carefully considered, including, but not limited to the: depth of the analysis; case complexity; depth of the engagement; client’s financial circumstances; advisor’s experience. After an analysis of your financial situation, the exact financial planning fee will be determined.

What do I get (deliverables, advice, implementation, etc.)?

Your Customized Assessment includes an executive summary of recommendations across all relevant areas of planning as well as supporting reports and analyses.

More importantly, you have a guide and coach for 12 months to help you get the most important planning implemented in coordination with your attorney and CPA.

Our process is built to incorporate your whole financial world.

What happens after the first year?

We see ourselves as partners with you for the long-term. Most will choose to engage us in subsequent years and usually at a lower fee than the first year.

Things change. Life happens. We’ll be there to help navigate life’s twists and turns.

Are you a fiduciary?

In our work as Investment Advisory Representatives with Eagle Strategies LLC, we act as fiduciaries. Our recommendations and guidance have to be in your best interest. It’s as it should be.

How long will the process take? And how often will we meet?

As we begin to build the plan, it will usually require about three meetings (face-to-face or virtual) over 2-3 months. We can move faster or slower depending on your preference.

After that, most clients meet with us 2–4 times per year. More if something big is happening in your world.

How do you work with my attorney or CPA?

It is important not only to have good advisors, but to have them work collaboratively.

As long as we have your signed authorization to do so, we can work with your other estate and tax professionals.

In fact, that’s the way we prefer to work.

Can you just manage our investments? Or just help set up an insurance policy?

We can, and occasionally do, help clients with a specific financial solution for a targeted need.

If we feel like we are a good fit to work together long-term, we want to meet you where you are and help with urgent and important issues.

Generally, though, we firmly believe that the best financial decisions are made in the context of a real financial plan.

What is the relationship between The Lyon Group, Eagle Strategies, New York Life, The Nautilus Group, and others?

The Lyon Group is our 70-year-old financial practice. We love that we have the independence to focus on what is best for our clients. That being said, we are proud of the long-term relationships we have with top-notch financial powerhouses that enhance our capabilities to serve you best.

Eagle Strategies is our Registered Investment Advisor. It supports and supervises our fee-based financial planning. Eagle Strategies also provides ongoing due diligence and access to dozens of “best-in-class” third-party money managers (e.g., Frontier Asset Management, BlackRock, Brinker Capital, etc.). This helps us assure the right philosophical, risk and performance fit for each of our clients.

NYLIFE Securities is the Broker-Dealer through which brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds and mutual funds trade.

National Financial Services (a division of Fidelity Investments) provides trade execution, clearing, custody and other related services for clients of The Lyon Group and NYLIFE Securities.

New York Life Insurance Company is the nation’s largest mutual insurance company. Being “mutual” means it has no stockholders. The company is owned by its policyholders. This alignment with the client’s best interest has made it one of our preferred providers for 70 years when long-term guarantees are important.

Ash Brokerage allows us to shop out insurance products to numerous other carriers if New York Life is not an optimal fit.

The Nautilus Group, which is a service of New York Life, provides dedicated support in business, estate, and charitable planning with their experienced team of professionals holding credentials in law, taxation, finance, and philanthropic planning.

What is the first step to start a relationship with The Lyon Group?

The first step is a conversation.

That may lead to Our Fiscal Second Opinion.

Which may lead to a great long-term working relationship.

Even if not, we would enjoy getting to know more about what matters most … to you!

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